Lips are one of the most prominent features on our faces. They give us our smile. They can make us feel sexy, confident and cute. So let's learn to take care of them. The skin on our lips are much thinner than any other part of our face hence why they require the most care and it is also why they damage the easiest.

My lips get INSANELY dry all year around and am continuously on the hunt for nourishing lip products. In this post I have listed my Top 7 lip products suitable for day and night use. Some containing colour and some leaving a slight sheen. I have trialed over 30 lip products in the past year and am stoked to have my final favourites.

I understand the products listed below lean towards the luxe side of expenditure and it is completely normal if one does not want to spend more than $20 on a lip product. But if you are wanting to indulge and solve your dry lip problem then hopefully my reviews will help you decide whether these are worth investing into.

1. Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Just as well this shade is called Honey 01, it literally glides over my lips like honey. The consistency and thickness also feels like honey except it isn't as sticky. What I love most about this product is the soft padded 'lip-hugging' applicator. It is larger than my pinky nail and does its job like a dream. Sometimes I apply this lip oil just so I can use the applicator. The only way to describe it is that your lips feel bouncy when you apply it. Is that weird haha? The lip oil primes, comforts and shines and I choose to wear it both day and night. It is my go to when my lips are cracking or peeling severely because they just know how to soak up the product. If i apply this overnight I would still wake up with slightly glazed lips. The last thing you want is to go to sleep wearing a product and still wake up with dry lips. Comes in 9 shades so if you're looking for a product with colour you totally have the option.

2. LA MER The Lip Balm and The Lip Volumizer

I use The Lip Balm in the evenings & The Lip Volumizer during the day and they both smell like Christmas candy canes!

The Lip Balm - I love the fact that the tub is larger so I don't have to stick my finger tip in and get product under my finger nails. Note that is takes a few uses to really get into the product. Especially when it's winter and the product is not warmed up it may not live up to its potential. But the good news is, once you've worked it in, it is magic. I have noticed that my lips do not chap under lipsticks during the day anymore if I use this the night before. I don't use this during the day as I don't think it lasts as long with drinks, food and just movement of the lips. Best used when your lips are resting.

The Lip Volumizer - This saved me in the hot weather when I visited Japan during summer. It is instant cooling with the plumping effects and feels soo good when your lips are inflamed. That being said, the cooling effect works well for me sensation wise but not so much plumping wise. I don't see no juju lips? Nonetheless it as kept my lips chap-free during the day and works as a great primer for my coloured liquid lipsticks.

3. Kiehls Buttermask For Lips - Overnight Lip Treatment

So much yes for this and definitely more on the affordable side. I've had this for over 6 months now and only half a tub in. Like I mentioned before I do prefer a larger tub so the product doesn't get into my finger nails but I have paired this buttermask with a lip brush so all is well! The buttermask is infused with Fair Trade Coconut Oil and Wild Mango Butter which means it smells incredible! There is also no way you can wake up to chapped lips if you wear this overnight. Works extremely well if you suffer chapped lips from braces or when you have a blocked nose and need to breathe with your mouth haha. It was my hydrating holy grail for months and have caught le boyfriend stealing it once or twice during flights.

4. Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint

Ok you know those "moisturising" colored lip balms that say will act as both a treatment and a lipstick? But then as you put it on your chapped lips the colour gets stuck UNDER the peeling skin and you're left with uneven patches of colour all over your lips? Yeah these babies do NOT do that. Hallelujah! I was skeptical at first because every coloured lip balm I have ever used has done this to me so I was very pleasantly surprised when the colour applied evenly and in fact suppressed the flakes right away. These lip tints give a nice gleam to your lips and keeps them moisturised throughout the whole wear.


This formula is enriched with berry extracts, is vegan, yet paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfite-free, talc-free, mineral oil-free and gluten-free. It applies so thinly which is one of the reasons why I always reach for it. The colour is full coverage yet it does not stain the lines on your lips and dry the skin throughout the day. This finishes shiny, not matte which means it can shift so just be careful of your hair pulling strings of colour across your face. Lots of colours to choose from but I settled for a rosy nude so I can pair it with any outfit of any occasion. The shine is not high gloss - just the right amount of lustre to bring life to your lips.

6. Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Luxe

If you are into rich high-pigmented colours then these are for you. A shine lacquer-like finish will make your lips pop at any event. For bold looks I love to go for a red lip and most lipsticks result in drying my lips by the end of the night. This vinyl formula keeps my lips lush throughout the entire wear and keeps its shine. Do however let time for the product to dry as it applies thick. I recommend using a lip liner to tidy up the look if you're going for a bold colour as it can bleed due to its enriched formula. Would prefer if this would shift less but hey, better than red flaky lips right?

7. Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Liquid Lip in Matte, Sparkle or Shine

I long shifted from lip glosses because I hated it when my hair got stuck on sticky lips. But THIS product has somehow made me overlook that pet peeve. Perhaps it's the way this liquid lip makes my lips absolutely shine or the fact that it hides chapped lips SO WELL - whatever it is I am so sold. It can make my dull and dry lips look glamorous in one swipe. Perhaps it is the Pomegranate, Mango and Açai power oils that are working its magic. When you remove the product your lips are still flaky because of course it doesn't treat it but it does make the skin (and flakes) softer so nothing a lip exfoliate can't fix. The Love Liquid Lips come in matte, sparkle (contains glitter bits) and shine. Personally I was too scared to try the matte but with decent lip care with the products above maybe it's time to give matte lippies another chance. Bonus: it smells like CHOCOLATE!

To finish off here is a macro lens shot of my lips. Aka what my lips look like under a microscope. Not too shabby for winter lips huh? Guess these products must be doing something right.

All photos taken by PANAPETITE

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