Another year has gone by since my last Grand Mercure Birthday Staycation. This year, like every other year I tell my girlfriends I'm going to have a simple and chilled one and they all go "Mhm we'll see". Initially it was just going to be a simple PJ party at my house. Movies, popcorn and lotsa wine. But knowing me, one idea lead to another and before I knew it I was holding a Pajama Slumber Party at the Grand Mercure Hotel.

I've had this sleepover vision in my head since I was a little girl and I was finally going to make it come true. I wanted it to be girly and fun, but being in my late 20s, I also wanted to add some form of sophistication.

In this post I will lay out TEN SIMPLE STEPS to creating your own Adult Slumber Party within reasonable budget. Hopefully these will give you some ideas next time you want to host a fun get together with your gals!


Grand Mercure ever so kindly lent me one of their event rooms. I started collaborating with them from my previous birthday so it was nice to be back! Because of this collaboration I saved a huge chunk on venue hire but this kind of party is just as doable in your own house. In fact it would make more sense hosting a slumber party in your home. Isn't that how they all started?

I have to give a massive shout out to Grand Mercure because their service throughout the entire process was incredible! They took into account everything so that my guests and I would have a hassle free party. It was the small details that really touched me. Running all over the hotel and finding me a mirror so I could curl my hair, providing bathrobes and slippers, setting up all the cutlery, the valet, opening every possible door for us even when we were completely capable of opening our own doors haha. 11/10 for their service - I highly recommend for stays and events.


I found Just Hitched Hire on Instagram and fell in loooove with their elegant teepee set up. It was the best combination of fun and sophistication. Rose gold sequins and floral garlands, topped with matching cushions, fitted sheets and plush blankets This was the hero of the party and allowed guests to have their individual space. You could also untie the two pieces of panels that make up the teepee to cover up your head space when it is time for a shut eye. If this doesn't scream cozy I don't know what does.

The 'Ladies Night In' package for us 6 girls costs $320 which to me is a really acceptable price considering they set up, pack down and provide champagne flutes with a complimentary Sparkling Rose! I had already bought pajamas but to help you save a bit they also provide floral spa robes for each guest so you won't have to go out of your way to purchase sleepwear.


Balloons, balloons & more balloons. They can make any one, at any age smile. Little balls of happiness can bring so much life and colour to a room...especially ones filled with confetti and glitter!! Pretty Little Package Balloons went so extra I did two trips the next day to take them home with me. Fun fact for ya: their latex balloons are 100% biodegradable. Wooop!


Seeing as I only invited my closest gals who I grew up with (practically sisters), it was affordable to provide them each with a set of sleepwear. The short pajama sets had an element of fun and the satin fabric pulled through with the sophistication. It is a good way to get the guests really excited upon arrival when they see their own set laid out on their beds. It also gets everyone dressed to the theme which means super cute Instagram pics haha. I jumped online and found that Boohoo had cute satin sets for $17.50 NZD each (50% off). They are always doing discounts so keep an eye out for good deals!


This is super easy to prepare without having to break the bank. Wherever you're from, there must be a dollar store of some sort near you. Each kit I created included: a pair of socks, an eye mask, and a sample beauty pack from L'Occitane. I had covered all the essentials - socks for warmth since I provided short pajama sets (also feet freak me out), an eye mask to help with the girls' beauty sleep and some beauty products to cleanse their faces before hitting the bunk. I tied everything together with ribbons so it was nicely presented to them upon arrival.

How to keep to your budget:

1. Socks - go to the kids section at Kmart, H&M, Zara etc. They usually come in a pack of 6 so it's perfect. Cuter than adult socks and also cheaper. Find sizes for kids aged 12-14 and they're bound to fit your friends. I got 7 pairs of socks from H&M kids for $17.

2. Eye masks - K-mart, K-mart, K-mart. $3 each and sooo many choices.

3. L'Occitane beauty products - I have been very lucky to work with the brand this year so they sent me these super cute packs. But that doesn't mean you can't go to your favourite beauty store and ask them for sample sachets. Brands love to give out free samples for customers to try. You wouldn't even need to spend a dime here.


Sleepovers are all about fun foods. A time to treat yourself and cheat...a lot.

Grazing table

2018 was the year of grazing tables so I could not throw a party without one. Grand Mercure's kitchen set up a table for me and it was divine! I need to add that the team here is one of the most considerate and fine detailed people I have ever worked with. One of my gals is pregnant and can't eat cold/raw meats. Therefore they set up an entire side just for her so she wouldn't miss out! 5-star service!!! Anyhow, grazing tables are simple yet effective. It gives choices and fills up the bellies. No cooking involved, so a huge time saver and anyone can do it accordingly to their budget.

Personalised cookies

The girls and I joke each year, that when we add another year of wisdom to our belts, we are closer to becoming grannies. Well my friends did not hesitate this year when they officially designated the hashtags to my party: #nanapetite and #grannypannie. Just Jess Cake Co created the cutest cookies and added on the hashtags!


Your cake doesn't need to be huge, just enough to hold a candle to make your wish. Also by Just Jess Cake Co. Lovely gal worked around the theme of my party and created one damn delish chocolate strawberry cake. I don't usually like chocolate cake but it was the smooth texture that did it for me. If Jess can make me like something I normally dislike - you know she's got real talent.

Cupcakes & Macarons

Pretty much two of the most aesthetically pleasing desserts of all time. Macaron Heaven created these macaron cupcakes for my party and it was almost too pretty to eat! This gal has created some amazing works for huge events so be sure to check her out if you ever need some personalized desserts!


When you become an adult - appropriate booze is allowed. We started the night off with mimosas (courtesy of Grand Mercure). Then I thought these classy bottles of mojitos would fit in nicely with the theme. Clean Collective set up two bottles on each bed which paired very nicely with the pamper packs. An RTD which has no sugar, no carbs, no preservatives and 100% natural - surely that's a step up from the RTDs we used to drink at age 15? Sorry, I mean 18.


Grand Mercure's facilities had everything. If you hire a venue, check if they have a projector screen you can utilize for movies. We chucked on our all time fave - FRIENDS! Nothing like quoting every line of Friends with my besties.


Whether you capture moments on your phone, a camera or an instant print, events like these are made for creating permanent snaps. So don't hold back, and click away. Instax has always been my go to party gadget so it was no surprise this little baby followed me throughout the night.


It's not an Angela Party if there are no planned activities involved. Kinda like a Monica. But just so we weren't all placed on our asses the whole night I pumped up the party by splitting us into pairs for a crazy hairstyle challenge. One person as the model and the other the stylist. I went to K-Mart and grabbed scrunchies, clips and bows. Again, super affordable accessories for the guests to take home. Each stylist was only allowed 1 minute to complete their look using only 3 accessories. It's waaaay harder than it sounds but I do remember all of us laughing so hard we all walked out with 6-packs. And sorry no photos, because I just can't do that to my girls!

So there ya have it - 10 simple steps on how to create your adult slumber party! We are never too old to lick icing off our fingers or run around in polka-dot socks with one too many scrunchies in our hair. This type of party is all about having FUN and not having to worry about looking silly or trying to stay in those heels all night. Hopefully at least one tip above helped you in creating your next pajama partay.

A MASSIVE thank you to all the businesses who helped make my dream PJ party come true!

xx A

Disclosure: I am forever grateful for all the companies who agreed to contribute towards my party. I have always loved supporting local brands and helping spread the word about their businesses. I did not get paid to talk about the brands shown in this post. I personally selected them because I love the work they do and they were kind enough to collaborate with me.I also paid for a lot of this party myself.

Photo cred: Samuel Pan @yutianp

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