From Kuda Hurra (Maldives Part 1) to Landaa Giraavaru, we took the sea plane. Every island we flew over was undeniably beautiful.

The quickest way to transfer between islands is via seaplanes. The comparison is a 4 hour boat ride vs a 30 minute seaplane ride. Situated a few kilometers away from each resort are floating platforms for you to board the plane. Definitely prepare some motion sickness pills if you are sensitive as it can be a long wait on the plane if the weather isn't clear. Half our plane was affected and was not pretty!


Four Seasons - Landa Giraavaru

Sister resort to Kuda Huraa, it is much more wide spread and has a more contemporary touch. Because there is so much distance between each attraction on this island, we were given personalised bicycles as transportation!

Welcome Snacks & Drinks

Waiting in our rooms upon arrival were delicious platters with island fruits and snacks. Fresh coconuts decorated with island flowers. Oh yup, and champagne.

Princess Bed

Hash tag bed goals.

In the master bedroom you will find the Four Seasons signature king bed. From bed pillars to window frames, this resort is very much Arabian inspired.

Guest Room Backyard

One literal step out the back door and you're on your private beach, with your very own swing! That's the best thing about this resort - the rooms provide with most amenities so you don't have to wait for your turn in a public space.

Two-Bedroom Land and Ocean Suite

Facing the ocean is the suite's private pool and then moving towards the ocean are two bedrooms. To the left is a twin room and to the right is the master bedroom. Both bedrooms have direct access to the ocean.


Visit Blu Beach

I can't even begin to describe how heart-stopping and jaw-dropping this beach was. It is THE perfect blue and white combo. You only see these on travel magazines! Note: this is all on the resort island, you don't have to travel anywhere to get there other than your hotel room.

Again, impeccable service commends as soon as you settle down - ice water, ice blocks, smoothies, fruit is served to you on a platter. All complimentary! The resort knows how to give their guests the best of the best. Speaking of impeccable service, bless the islanders and their hearts of gold for servicing me and my Instagram needs...Two boys drove all the way to the other side of the island just to find me a floating swan!

I look back at these pictures and think how untouched this place is. This is what the world should look like. Not polluted. Not ruined by human destruction.

Catch a Sunrise

A 6.30am wake up call is so worth it when you get greeted like this. Mother Earth sure knows how to use her colour pallet. Standing at the back of our suite you see nothing but open water. It literally is just you and the world.

The Palm Tree Effect

Imagine opening up your eyes from a nap and seeing this. All around the island you will find swing beds to chill in. Suites, beaches and gardens - you won't have an excuse to complain about having no rest. The resort is definitely designed for you to relax and leave all your city-life worries behind.

Dolphin Cruise - add more pics

I visited Maldives during their hottest but also wettest season. On our way back from the dolphin cruise, the place cooked up a storm. Nonetheless, I thought this place looked more beautiful than ever. From a distance Landaa looked like a mysterious land ready to be discovered.

Inifinity Pool

This main pool is equipped with lounge seats all around. Of course there is also a pool bar paired with their unbeatable service. Bonus: complimentary coconut oil is provided to really help you boost that tan you've always wanted! This was midday and I'm not sure why no one was in the pool. I guess because the resort only holds up to a certain number of people and the place is so wide spread you don't really pump into people much!

Pool, ocean and sky. My favourite kind of layering. No wonder it is called the infinity pool. You can barely see where it stops.


Sorry, image quality isn't the best, water was a tad murky from the rain. BUT! Spanning at 5 meters wide, swimming with the manta rays is rated as one of the top spectacular activities across all FS Resorts around the globe. Snorkeling with these gentle giants in an open ocean was so exhilarating. I still think back now in disbelief.

How it works: You sign up at the resort and get given a phone. When mantas are spotted the resort calls you and then everyone boats out to where the mantas have come up for feeding. A couple of professional divers lead the way into the 'spotted area' then you kind of just swim and wait for them to appear.

For the first 5 minutes it was quiet and still. Then we spotted one, then another, then all of a sudden more than 50 manta rays were swimming around us! They were not aggressive at all and did not charge towards us. At one point one swam right beneath my stomach - safe to say I dared not to move because I was so alienated by them. If I could do it again I definitely would have interacted with them more.

Lemon Sharks at Seabar

At 9pm, these friendly visitors will come and say hi. While they're at it they also expect to be fed. The resort always prepares buckets of meat so guests can feed them.


Dinner & Desserts

Cafe Lundaa is the main dining area. Breakfast buffet is there every morning and most nights we dined in other restaurants on the island. There are nine restaurants in total to choose from.

On one of the nights we had buffet dinner at Cafe Landaa and boy were we spoiled for choices. Desserts were stationed in their wine cooler. This image is just one of the MANY delicacies they provided. Macarons and Walnuts...mmm.

For a more fun experience, there is Al Barakat, a Moroccan themed restaurant with a seaside shisha bar. I could have easily been convinced I was living my Aladdin dreams that night.

Manager's Cocktail Evening

We were lucky enough to be invited to the resort cocktail party. Situated in the Blu Bar on Blu Beach, we were welcomed with a traditional drum and dance ceremony. Then it was nibbles, cocktails and wine on the house! It was extremely windy but that only made the night more wild and mystical.

ދަނީ​ (Dhanee) GOODBYE

I still can't believe I have ticked off one of my top destinations in the world. I bet there is so much more to see. Definitely so many more islands to visit. Maldives, I will be back.

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