Welcome to my Maldives Journey!

Maldivian sand is like white puffy powder. Sun kissed waves greeted me every few seconds - I could lie there all day. Our villa was facing the sunset direction hence our backyard was situated on the Sunset Beach. Having this as your backyard...what is there to complain about.

So what is this exotic place? How do you get there and how do you choose where to stay?? Read below and I'll let you know!


We flew with Air New Zealand from Auckland to Singapore. Then took a private jet with Asia Charter Services. Of course that is not the only way to get there. This was pretty much a once in a life time opportunity experience for my family and I. We treated Grandpa for his 80th...and tagged our selves along ha!

But from Singapore, there are multiple airlines such as Qatar, Emirates and Air Asia that fly to Male (Maldives Intl Airport). Flight time is roughly 4.5 hours.


There are about 1200 small coral island and sandbanks in the Maldives. Only 200 of these are inhabited. From what I gather online, each island consists of only one resort (apart from resident islands for locals). Once you are on that island everything you need for your stay is provided to you by the resort.


Four Seasons Resort - Kuda Huraa

There are two Four Seasons resorts in the Maldives. Kuda Huraa is the smaller one out of the two and is only a 30 minute speed-boat ride away from Male airport. This resort is a lot more intimate and leisure activities are closer together. The Maldivian-village inspired resort gets you into the mindset for a magical stay in their 'enchanting garden island'.

Royal Beach Villa

Traditional woodland doors encircled with island flowers greets us at the door. I fell in love with the place before I even stepped in.

Sunset Beach Bungalow

Rooms at Kuda Huraa incorporate traditional huts which lead directly outside to your private plunge pool. Beyond the pool is a walkway right to the beach!

Paradise, bliss, heaven....whatever you wanna call this, it just won't do the place justice. The fact that this was our backyard was absolutely surreal! So beautiful, and so untouched.


The Island Spa

How adorable is this little boat?? The spa is situated on a separate haven just 2 mins from the main resort. A true place to be with no distractions! Pampering starts the minute you hop on your boat ride.

Outdoor Bar

Upon arrival to the island you will see one of the best places to unwind in the evening. A walkway on water with nothing but an ocean view.

Sunset Lounge

An open air pavilion serving luscious beverages is the perfect way to start your evening. We headed there during Happy Hour and enjoyed a few chilled beers in the soft breeze before dinner.

Serenity Pool

Residing next to the ocean is a pool open to everyone staying at the resort. This poolside had the best service I have ever experienced. The minute you settle in your spot, ice water, fruit, sunscreen and face mist is brought to you. Followed by a full beach chair towel spread and bar service.

Bungalow Bath

Create your own bubble bath! A stone finished bathtub is ultimate bathroom goals. Some down time with a pinch of bath salts and a bottle of red. May I add, this wine was complimentary?


You are on a secluded island in the middle of the ocean so sneaking off to the grocers for some snacks is invalid. Basically when you travel to your selected resort/island you will only have access to food and drinks provided by the resort.

BBQ Dinner

This was a private dinner set up in the backyard of our Beach Villa. If you're a seafood lover you're gonna want to try this! It did cost over $300 USD per person but that's because we had a full on buffet. I'm sure you'll be able to work something out with the chef.

This is my first time dining directly on a beach. Feasting upon fancy BBQ food with the ocean right next to you is such an exhilarating feeling. Feet in the sand, and stars in the sky. This trip was unreal!

There are four other onsite restaurants which provides you options such as grills, Indian and Italian fine dining. At one point our grandparents simply wanted a bowl of home cooked noodles. The chef was able to whip something up straight away. Like I said, service there is the best I have ever experienced.

I wish I had more photos to show but in all honesty I was so overwhelmed by everything I barely remembered to document it all. However, my Maldives trip doesn't just stop here. Head over to my Part 2 Maldives trip where we visited the other Four Seasons! More interior, more beaches and more photos!

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