Queenstown is one of the reasons why I feel so proud to call New Zealand my home. I just about visit once a year. An "obsession" with its natural beauty would be an understatement. QT has so much to offer in one season, let alone four. The city is known for its ski fields in winter, but summer no doubt also brings its A-game. I didn't write much for this blog. Simply because a picture speaks a thousand words.

Lake Wakatipu

The waters are so calm it's hard to hold back for water-adventure lovers. There are a vast range of activities to choose from when you're there. Jet boats, jet skis, parasailing, kayaking - summer in Queenstown will not disappoint. For $30 you can kayak among the lake for one hour all equipment included.

The Crown Range

A scenic lookout like no other. As you drive out of Queenstown town centre towards Arrowtown, you will bypass this beaut. A photo opportunity that shouldn't be missed. The drive itself through the gorge is like no other as mountains tower over you.

Queenstown CBD

Not every city has a backdrop like this. Hence why Queenstown is always at the top of my list of places to visit. The fusion of old European architecture and NZ nature is incredible.


Backpacking through the country life. A tasteful hotel en route to Lake Wanaka. Cardrona Valley Rd, Cardrona 9381.

Cherry Picking

On the North Island you pick blueberries and strawberries. When you go South of NZ it is all about cherries! There are over 35 different kinds of cherries to pick from! I went to Dam Good Fruit - 216 Ripponvale Rd, Cromwell 9384 and they had over 20 different species of cherries to pick from!

Wanaka Lavender Farm

Just around the back corner of Lake Wanaka is a beautifully trimmed garden filled with lavenders, roses, oh and alpacas. The perfect place to enjoy some afternoon tea, a stroll or even to hold your wedding.


Arrowtown (just 25 mins from Queenstown) has one of the richest histories in New Zealand. It is a historic mining town where the Chinese immigrants first settled. There you will see the types of housing they used to stay in. As a Chinese myself it was so eye opening to see the remains of the village and the history it has embedded into New Zealand.

Explore more (road side pics)

Sometimes the best things in life are met unexpectedly. Take these photos for example, they were all spontaneous shots as we drove along the roads of Queenstown. It is no joke that every corner looks like a postcard moment.

Queenstown Skyline

Pretty sure 99% of the population take the gondola ride up. Thought I'd give myself the challenge and hike up the mountain instead. Little did I know some parts were a vertical climb so if you want to do it by all means. Just dress in appropriate attire as it is no picnic. After an hour's hike, this was the reward. It was so breathtaking I did not want to leave. Most people stay until it gets dark as the whole town lights up like a fairy tale. There is also a cafe, bar and buffet indoors. Treat yourself!

Drive to Glenorchy

The drive to Glenorchy itself is just as breathtaking as the destination. I tell everyone that comes to me for Queenstown advice to take the 40 minute drive because the scenery and lookouts are surreal.

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