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A girl's makeup collection isn't complete until there is a place for a red lipstick. What I love about a 'red' is how versatile it can be. Typically one would wear it on a night out; dazzling in their pretty dress or suited up in their favorite co-ord. I, however, love to wear it to garden parties, baby showers, girls brunch or even (appropriate) meetings. A pop of red makes one stand out and memorable. It draws people's attention unlike any other colour and to say the least, one type of red shade will suit almost everyone.

This 'Red in the City' collection provides a range of shades varying from light fresh reds to dark ox blood red. I seriously think there's a tone in here for everyone. Trying all the colours, most of them are on the cooler side (blue under tones rather than warm tones) which means they also help in whitenen your teeth! No more hiding that smile of yours!

I am that girl that ALWAYS has a dry lip. If I don't use lip balm for one day they will chap like crazy. For me, the key to finding a good matte lip colour is how nourishing it is. Bourjois uses evanescent oils in its formula which definitely helps! Both the lipstick and the liquid colours glide on so easily. This get a thumbs up from me!

Rouge Velvet: A lipstick with a bold matte finish and enhanced colour. Holds up to 24 hours without smudging ($29.00 NZD)

Rouge Edition 12 heures: A matte liquid colour with a creamy texture for maximum comfort over the lips ($23.00 NZD)

Available in Farmers NZ

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