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Asian Fusion restaurants have become a recent trend. Small plates to share among your friends is a fun way to try a bit of everything. Dumplings, especially, have become very popular in the western cuisine world. Tao Restaurant has created a colorful pallet not only for the taste buds but also for the eyes. I mean if green dumplings surprised you, wait until you try their purple squid ink one! If dumplings aren't your acquired taste, they also have other dishes that just might satisfy your Chinese food cravings.

Tucked away in Newmarket, Auckland, this cosy restaurant also has a bar which makes it THE perfect get-together place with your gals, or lads. The interior design was also one to please. I spoke with the owner and she designed everything herself - talk about multi-talented! The hanging teapots over the bar were everything!

You can check out their menu here: http://www.taorestaurant.co.nz/

Good news - they have opened up in Queenstown and Dunedin too. Auckland can't have everything right.

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