Doing a little extra landed me a JOB! | LA VIE SPRITZERS

This brand is one quite close to my heart as it was my first ever PR package! Not only did it arrive at my doorstep wrapped in a fresh bouquet of flowers, the design of the bottles alone made me swoon.

La Vie Spritzers is a fruit wine spritzer. Coming in three different refreshing flavours these are the perfect party starters. It's a cute bottle to hold and can we just take a moment to appreciate how Instagram worthy they are?? It's all about that social media shot now ha. It makes people want to buy it just for the packaging. AMAZING MARKETING PLOY.

Three flavours you can pick in stores:

Cucumber & Juniper - light and.crispy

Strawberry & Kaffir Lime - probably the most popular flavour (and in my opinion the best packaging), this is one with a sweet tooth!

Blueberry & Elderberry - the newest and most exciting flavour, the public also got to vote for the packaging of this bottle!

(Don't stop reading here...there's a cool story on how this blog post ended up giving me a job!)


A small bit of inspiration...

Sometimes doing an extra bit of work goes a long way.

La Vie sent this package to me as a PR send out. I wasn't getting paid for this campaign - all they asked for was some exposure on Instagram. But the packaging was so pretty I had to take more photos and ended up doing an entire blog post. When La Vie saw it, they loved the pictures and asked me to shoot their Facebook content for the next 6 months. It was an opportunity that I hadn't even imagined! I had no idea that by doing a little bit "extra" it would land me a paid job! So...I truly believe if you're passionate about something it wouldn't hurt to go a step further and show what you can do. Because you'll never know you might just land an opportunity that could change your career.

Here are some photos from La Vie's Facebook content.

Styled, shot and directed by me.

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