MissFQ x Colgate Influencer Awards | Dressed by H&M

Last week, I attended my first ever influencer/blogger awards! Those following me on social media might have seen that I was nominated as a finalist in the Up & Coming category. To feel honored, grateful and touched towards those who have stood behind me this past year would be an understatement. When you work this hard to present your work to the world, and find people who actually want to see what you do isn't a feeling that can be put into words.

It's not everyday that you get dressed by globally known fashion brands or attend events with the elite influencers of New Zealand, not just as a guest or plus one, but as one of the finalists. The people turn up because of you! It's insane still thinking about it and I always need to remind myself not to take these opportunities for granted. I dare not brag about my accomplishments, but you know when you have achieved something that you didn't think would be possible? I think it's OK to pat myself on the back and say "You've done good, kid."

So did I win? No. Am I sad? Not one bit. I walked into the evening already so pleased to be one of the finalists. It was a well deserved win for Ash Owens who took home the trophy that night. Every influencer there has worked long hours and put in genuine love towards their platforms so it did not feel like I had lost to anyone. If anything, this whole experience has made me love what I do even more.

To MissFQ, thank you for creating an opportunity to recognise both the big and small influencers of New Zealand.

Much love to you all.

xx A

Words by MissFQ

"This pint-sized beauty has taken to the ‘gram to showcase her talents in petite-styling and her eye for fashion and travel. Angela’s diverse photography makes for lush viewing, while the passion and tireless hours behind it clearly resonates with her followers. “She moves and inspires people in a way to realise their ambitions and chase their dreams just as she did,” said one nomination. Her account’s only just turned one and already exceeded the 5,000 follower milestone. A little – or should we say, petite – bird tells us this is just the beginning for up and comer finalist Angela Pan."

Outfit details - H&M

Flounced Tunic

Short Shirt

Photography: Samuel Pan @yutianp (Instagram)

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