This was my first year as an Influencer/Media Delegate at NZFW. I had the idea of showcasing Kiwi designers' clothing on me throughout the week and here is one them...

Fresh off the 2017 runway, this jaw dropping and head turning piece caught all sorts of attention during my final day at NZFW '17. You all know I'm a lover of clothing with movement hence why I incorporate so much of my fashion into my travel images. Unpredictable structures and flow are what I find most interesting and this girl's designs are TO DIE FOR. I specifically picked a shorter design to wear just so the over sized frills wouldn't drown me. Pairing it with over the knee boots uplifted my overall look and also added a side of 'bad-ass' to match the cross over burgundy chest straps. Safe to say, this is the most daring and "extra" outfit I have worn to date and may have become a little obsessed.

Check out TIA FENG and email her to order any pieces.

This piece came from her Spring/Summer Hard Candy Collection.

Photography: George Li @lifeportraitphotography

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