NZFW Day 3: Amber Whitecliffe

This was my first year as an Influencer/Media Delegate at NZFW. I had the idea of showcasing Kiwi designers' clothing on me throughout the week and here is one them...

On Day 3, I attended one of my favourite shows of the year - 'NZ Weddings' - which meant it was the perfect time to pull out Amber Whitecliffe. Being in stilettos 15 hours a day, for the past two days, I wanted nothing more than to be in flats and comfortable clothes. AW's outfit played the part with its beautiful satin finish Babydoll Dress and cosy Red Velvet Coat. The outfit had great flow to it creating timeless movement and made it so easy for me to maneuver in. Discovering AW clothing personally, I am definitely raving about its sheer femininity and class.




Sunglasses: Vivienne Westwood

Shoes: Chanel

Photography: Vivian Liu

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