4 Seasons 1 Dress ft. Trelise Cooper

Imagine this: Buying THE dress for a special occasion, adoring it to pieces, probably spending more on it than you should have...but sadly, only to wear it once.

Yup, been there done that.

We all have those pieces in our wardrobes that we only wear once or twice a year simply because we are not "outfit repeaters" or the weather isn't fitting. This post is here to help you style one piece in multiple ways, regardless of the season. You will see that pulling together separate pieces and layering items will create endless outfit options.


This maxi dress is perfect for PETITE GIRLS because it is sheer. The translucency helps to lift weight off the look. Although material will cover you to the floor, it still allows the outfit to show leg, and as a result adds height to you.

Shop the dress here: "Do You Mesh Me?" Dress

[This post was sponsored by Trelise Cooper]


The perfect beach cover up.


A pair of shorts, a lightweight top and some sneakers. Comfortable, but stylish.

"Rip It Offer Top" by Cooper (Trelise Cooper)


Create a new look by adding some flow over your favourite jeans and sweater.


Nothing a classic turtle neck, a big scarf and some over the knee boots can't fix.

Photography by: Taosha Wang & Joseph Wu

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