It has been one unimaginable year for PANAPETITE. When I first decided to launch my website, I set a goal: Give myself 2-3 years to get my work out there and hopefully land a few collaborations with well known brands. If it doesn't go anywhere by then, I will turn a new leaf and steer towards a different direction. Seeing as everything I present is self-taught, my expectations weren't high. But because I had this drive, I had to see where this was going to go.


Within 2 weeks I landed my first collaboration with a New Zealand swimsuit company (faints with excitement). It was then that I realised my work had potential to grow and people were interested in the content I provided. 3 months later I became one of the ambassadors for Fujifilm Instax NZ. It blew my freakin' mind. I was truly ecstatic at the opportunities presented to me and it gave me nothing more than the motivation to work even harder.

365 days, countless late nights and hundreds and thousands of photographs later, here we are today: writing a post partnered with Trelise Cooper. This post isn't about me boasting about my success. It is a piece of encouragement to anyone reading this who wants to break into this type of platform or even needing that nudge of motivation to start something they've always had doubts about.


This industry has taught me a lot. It has shown me how to be kind and supportive to peers in the same business as you and that it is not about competing against one another. I couldn't be more grateful to all the talented people I have met in the past year. The way we inspire one another is something that money cannot buy. Socialising and making connections go a long way. Without approaching brands or making friends I can ensure that I would not have landed half the collaborations I did. The truth is, you cannot expect to be this beaming beacon and await brands to come to you. It works both ways. Sometimes all it takes is to introduce yourself and let companies know your profile exists. You do not need 100k+ followers on Instagram to land a job.


My closest ones have been my guardian angels. The two most important reminders are:

1. Don't forget your roots: We all started somewhere; most likely from the bottom. When Instagram first launched, I probably uploaded photos that were blurry and filtered with presets on maximum. I have now learnt not to delete my past. It will stay there as a reminder of how far I have come and all the great achievements I have produced throughout my course.

2. Don't let it go to your head: Always good to have a piece of that humble pie. No matter how successful I become I cannot let it take over my ego. I will not think I am better than anyone else nor should I think I deserve something over someone else. Referring back to Point 1, we all start somewhere.

What a fulfilling year it has been! Safe to say I am sooo ready to take on PANAPETITE Year 2.

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Photography: Tao Sha Wang

Edited by: Angela Pan

Outfit: Trelise Cooper Sleek and Win Dress | CO-OP Hot Fluff Coat

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