10 Chinese Facts About Me | CNY Lookbook

Happy Lunar New Year! I'm used to calling it Chinese New Year (CNY) but the lunar part comes in because our calendar follows the cycle of the moon. This means every year CNY lands on a different day, but is typically celebrated end of January or beginning February.

Since this is the first year my blog is a part of CNY it seemed relevant that I share 10 Chinese facts about me! Just for fun, but also because I am proud of my ethnicity and culture. I was raised in New Zealand but I find it very important to also grasp onto my roots.

This lookbook is an incorporation of Kiwi summer lifestyle and modern Chinese cuts. I love it because it shows both cultural sides of me. The red pops of colour is used because Chinese culture love applying this colour for events celebrating happiness and joy. Red also exemplifies good fortune. This is why people give out red packets or envelopes during CNY. It is to wish the receiver good fortune in their life.

So without further ado...

here are...10 Chinese facts about me

ONE. My Chinese name is 潘羽元 (Pan Yu Yuan), nickname 元元。Pan is my family name and we put it at the beginning of our names. Yuan means first born, and it also means Chinese currency. Not sure what my parents were thinking! So let's see if this brings me great fortune!

TWO. I was born in Shanghai. Lived there until I was 5 then moved to New Zealand with my family.

THREE. I am bilingual. English & Chinese: Mandarin & Shangainese dialect

FOUR. My Chinese Zodiac is Goat. What is yours?? (Let me know down below!)

FIVE. Favourite Chinese food: buns! BBQ Pork buns, red bean buns, chocolate buns, deep fried buns, you name it.

SIX. I have never been to the capital of China, Beijing. Long overdue too!

SEVEN. I can only read a bit of Chinese so when I visit the country and speak fluent Chinese but cannot read street signs or menus people think I haven't been educated properly.

EIGHT. Sometimes I pretend not to understand Chinese to see if people are talking about me.

NINE. One day I wish to explore China. To travel around all the cities and learn about my culture. 🔍 It is utterly embarrassing when people of non-Chinese descent know more about Chinese history than me!

TEN. I am Kiwi raised but couldn't be more proud to be Chinese❣️ People often ask me who I root for in the Olympics, NZ or China..? What do you think my answer is?

Outfit details

Top: Trelise Cooper - origami fold sleeves and doll-like pleats

Hat: Ruby NZ - red cap with adjustable leather strap

Shoes: Converse high tops (Petite girls - go for KIDS SIZE, save your $$)

Shorts: Bread and Butter Letter vintage Glassons high waist denim

Photography: Samuel (Yu Tian) Pan

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