KENZO x H&M | Styling Statement Pieces

When H&M announced their 2016 collaboration with Kenzo every fashion enthusiast perked up and waited for launch day. The creativity of marrying top end fashion with everyday affordable street wear means anyone at any budget can get a taste of designer clothing. So of course I went and had a nosy and picked out two statement pieces which are daring but could still pass as every day wear.

Purchase #1 - Silk Blouse $99.99 NZD

Probably the brightest blouse I own, this tiger-meets-jungle pattern definitely stands out in a crowd. However the black detailing such as the stripes, cuffs and collar still allow the shirt to be easily paired with basics.

TIP: If you would like to add bold colours to your wardrobe but scared you don't have anything to pair it with look for neutral colours WITHIN the piece of clothing such as white, black. beige, navy. This way is so much easier than trying to find another bright colour that compliments your piece. On the contrary if you do want to create an audacious outfit, mix and match the individual colours. For example if your shirt is orange and purple, it won't hurt to wear a pair of black pants but then pairing it with purple accessories and a bright orange lipstick.

Look at that collar! The intricate beading forms into the shape of a 3D tiger and sits beautifully on both collars. I was surprised at the quality of the collars too - nice and sturdy. For a shirt made with 100% silk it is not flimsy at all.

A different way to wear this shirt: Statement pieces can sometimes limit the number of times you wear them out. But I think this shirt could work so well under a chic white or cream sweater on colder days. Because the collar and cuff details are so elegant they would look amazing sitting on top of a sweater. Hide the green and no one would know! Great for office wear or fancy lunches.

Purchase #2 - Patterned Silk Scarf $49.99 NZD

This season's trend: Necktie Scarves.

Turning the basic outfit into a "wow" one. Plain tee and leather jacket kinda gal? Adding a scarf with a pop of colour is your cherry on top. It will definitely make add more texture to the outfit and make it memorable. I would also try a grunge look by wearing a dark lip colour or a sophisticated look with a bright red lipstick. Test out different looks - life is about experiments!

Photography: Jonathan Lo

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