Denim in the Office

I adore office wear, but also can't live without my denim on a daily 9-5. So I thought as we enter into the warmer seasons why not collaborate the two attires together. In this post you will find two denim outfits I pieced together, which are also appropriate for office wear (work space dependent).

Look 1

I fixed for a pencil skirt with lace on the bottom half. This keeps the formality of office wear but also adds nice feminine detailing.

HEIGHT TIP: You guys know by now I always opt for high-waist options because it is such an easy way to lengthen the bottom half of your body. Especially since this skirt drops below the knees, I wanted to extend my legs as much as possible. I've simply added my pointed-toe patent stilettos to finish off the feminine look. I purposely chose a pair of shoes that didn't have any straps because I wanted to extend my legs onto the feet. Any straps would have hidden my legs more and made me look tiny.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how precious is this top is?? It comes in both the Petite and Normal range from ASOS. Depending on the type of work space you are in, this top can be pulled into an off-the-shoulder look or you can cover up your shoulders to make it look like a frilly collar. The sleeves tighten near the elbows and I have just pushed it up a little to make them scrunch and match the frill detail.

FIGURE TIP: By tucking my top into the skirt, I was able to accentuate my waist. This helps to shape my figure and more importantly showcase where the top of the skirt starts. Remember, if you are trying to heighten yourself, there is no point in wearing a high-waist skirt if you're just going to cover up the top of it. Skirt is the KEY to elongating yourself in this look!

Buy the PETITE range top here. Buy the Normal range top here.

Look 2

My second look has a smart style to it. Some days I run a lot of errands at work and prefer to be in pants. At the end of the day I want to feel comfortable but still look professional when I meet guests and clients.

The denim piece in this look is also a frill-like top, but in shirt form. For those who dress more conservative or have a strict dress code at work, you can always try to find a button up shirt that has that extra little detail to set it apart from the plain ones. The top I'm wearing in Look 2 has buttons running all the way down the front and has thin denim chords that tie up at the neck. The cuffs form small puffs which I think adds that young-girl touch to the whole outfit.

COMFORT TIP: As I mentioned, comfort is key. It may look like I'm wearing cigarette pants, but really these are jersey material peg trousers. With the right accessories and shoes I can turn lounge-wear into office wear. I could have worn them to bed the night before and no one at work the next day would know, ha!

I love statement pieces. It can really turn an affordable outfit into an expensive looking one. One of my favourite pair of shoes in my wardrobe are these PERSUADE pointed high heels. The gold patterned heel is just to die for. And, it's always nice to add in that extra bit of detail to spice up your outfit.

SHOE TIP: It is very common for those with smaller feet to find that heels without straps fall off very easily. This occurs more often when the heel goes above 3 inches because the foot arches too much resulting it to slip out by the heel. For petite girls - I often talk about wearing strapless heels to extend the legs. However, if you are having trouble keeping heels on then I would suggest a thin strap, preferably a colour that is close to your skin tone.

To polish up the overall look I added a black belt with a large gold buckle. Because the shirt already has so much going on, I avoided jewelry. Again, I made sure to accentuate the outfit at the waist and found that not only did the belt help to do that but it also hid any access fabric where I have tucked in my shirt.

Shop the shirt here.

Shop the PETITE pants here.

Closer look at the belt here.

Photography: Instagram @yutianp

I want to see you have a go at these outfits! tag #panapetite on Instagram or private message them to me! xx A

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