Don't Overlook the Over sized (shirts)

The weather is getting chilly and it's time to wrap up. 'My Artist Shirt' by Diana Scutts (New Zealand designer) is my winter go-to. The baggy sleeves and knotted neck-tie add subtle but unique details to a plaid shirt.


Petite girls: We can most certainly get away with wearing over sized tops as dresses. This gives us the advantage of buying pieces and turning them into 2-in-1's. Of course there is a borderline of what is 'too short' when you turn a top into a dress. I feel comfortable with the hem half way down my thighs. Any shorter and you'll lose class. Any longer and it'll cover our knees and make us look stumpy.

As a top I can unbutton it and wear it as a jacket or I can keep it buttoned and tuck it into high-waist pants. There are so many ways to dress a shirt! Any Q's, comment below and I'll provide more tips!


For a country look I have added brown leather booties from Topshop. However, be adventurous and match booties to any of the colours in your shirt. For example, orange, navy or indigo boots will match my shirt. The heel isn't very high so the outfit is overall very comfortable yet still gives us petite girls a bit of height.

I recommend black boots if you wish to wear tights because that'll help extend your legs and continue the flow.


It is always important to SHOW NECK. This really helps to lengthen a person's look.

Therefore I have undone the first two buttons to my shirt and created a V-neck. If I were to button my shirt to the top, a top-bun or high pony will do the trick.

Shirt: Diana Scutts

Boots: Topshop


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