Over the Knees

- How to dress up flat boots and heeled boots -

In winter I like to layer my wool pieces. This post shows how you can keep warm but still present yourself with good proportions and not look like a cocooned marshmallow.

You can find some amazing flat or heeled boots. My personal faves are these two black over the knee boots. The heeled ones are from Kookai and the flat ones are from ASOS - both very affordable!

Black simply goes with everything and always collaborates well when I want to wear colour on top or pair my outfit with a vibrant bag. Black ALSO doesn’t stain when it rains!

Look 1

When it's ‘Boots Day’

The trick is to wear over-the-knee boots with bottoms that has a high-waist. It doesn't have to be shorts like in my photos. High waist tight jeans or cigarette pants can look very smart!

The reason for high-waist bottoms is to show the illusion that your legs go on for days (have also talked about this in my Ripped Jeans post). It pulls the entire look upwards instead of dragging the body down. Especially for those with longer torsos, high waist bottoms will definitely shift your entire proportion upwards.

(I've added over the knee socks under the boots - these help to keep the heat in and also adds layering to the boots.)

Why OVER-THE-KNEE boots and not mid-calf?

Mid-calf boots tends to cut off at the widest part of our legs and can make our legs look stumpier than they actually are. Hence knee high boots or over the knees provide a slimmer and lengthier look.

I have tucked my top in to accentuate the waist – in this case a tight crop top would work very well.

My hair is pulled up because I am wearing a high turtle neck top. Adding on the fluffy cardigan, there would be too much going on if I had my hair down. I put messy waves through my high pony to add volume and to make the whole look a bit more playful.

For a sharper look I would do a low slick bun and perhaps swap the cardigan for a blazer or leather jacket and add red lips – red lips are always a good idea.

Look 2

Sometimes simple outfits pop more. I threw on a plain pair of high waist shorts with my black boots so I could wear my favourite sweater. It is fuchsia pink with indigo fuzz creating a slight purple illusion.

The sweater has a wide neckline which gives the option of exposing one shoulder. It was a cold day so I've let my hair down. This helps to fill in the neckline and adds femininity to the look.

Absolutely adore these boots! It has a leather shoe and is suede up the leg. That way my feet won't get wet in the rain and the soft suede wraps comfortably around my legs. The cut in the back also spices things up and adds more detail to the outfit.

Look 1:

Heeled Boots: Kookai

Knit shorts: Lonely Hearts

Turtle neck top: Glassons

Fluffy Cardigan: AiMai

Over the knee socks: Topshop

Look 2:

Flat Boots: ASOS

Shorts: American Apparel

Sweater: Nasty Gal

Photography: @thesleekavenue (Instagram)

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