Ripped Jeans x 3

- My top 3 ways to wear Ripped Jeans -

When people hear the word 'jeans', they think "casual", "comfortable" and "practical". And because of those instant mentalities, we forget that we can also wear them for formal and special occasions. Ripped jeans especially, add edge to an outfit.

Petite gals: Ripped jeans, especially baggy ones can make us look a tad stubby. Go for a HIGH-WAIST one to extend your legs and it’s always a good idea to roll the trouser leg up a little and reveal some ankle – you know, just to show the world our legs do exist.

1. 'Run around'

Got errands all day and don’t want to wear heels? I paired my jeans with a pair of Lacoste’s.

SECRET: Kids size! If you’ve got petite size feet, don’t be embarrassed and check in the youth section. Today, they make them look exactly like the adult styles. Fits us better and CHEAPER! Youth size usually goes up to YTH Size 4 = women’s 6. I paired it with a simple button up cami (crop), bomber jacket and some rose-gold sunnies.

2. 'Lunch with the girls'

All I had to do was replace my Lacoste runners with simple black patent stilettos. Patent heels give a more fun vibe and less of an office look. Petite gals: Try strapless heels and uncovered slip ons. Showing skin on the front of your foot extends to your ankle and creates the illusion of longer legs.

I’m also a lover of COLOUR! When I’m dressed in mute colours I like to add vibrant accessories. In this outfit I have added a neon yellow LOVE MOSCHINO clutch. It makes the whole outfit more exciting. Yes, Moschino is a $$$ brand – however, they offer three tiers: Moschino, Moschino Boutique and Love Moschino. My clutch here is from the Love Moschino range which offers more affordable pieces. The items are just as great and a little less aggressive on our wallets! ​

3. 'Night in the club'

Still the same pair of jeans + the same patent heels, but add an asymmetrical white blazer and lace bustier and you have an evening look.

I prefer to have my hair up when I wear anything with a collar. This allows for the neck to show and also adds more height to the top of my head.

Petite gals: go for a crop bustier/top with a low neckline. A blazer can look quite heavy so you don’t want to be overwhelmed by fabric in the neck area.

Blazer: Nasty Gal

Lace bustier: Lonely

Button-up cami: Mink Pink

Jeans: Pull & Bear

Heels: Alannah Hill

Sneakers: Lacoste

Bomber jacket: Asobio Collection

Clutch: LOVE Moschino

Photographer: @thesleekavenue (Instagram)

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