I'm a Shanghai born, Auckland (NZ) raised gal who can't go anywhere without some sort of photography gadget. You will find that I am all about the visual, capturing all things intriguing to the eye. My frenzy for travel, fashion, cosmetics and culinary art has inspired my lifestyle in so many ways. Hopefully my blog will do the same for you. 


I love to bring home the things I see and experience around the world. Aspects of art, design and culture inspire my every day thoughts and have helped nurture my interest in other pursuits like interior design and event planning. 


I am a petite gal just over 5ft. and fashion has always been a significant part of my life. Whether I am travelling, brunching or yoga-ing I like to piece together something that is unique. My loved ones have always encouraged me to embrace the body I grew (or in my case didn't grow) into so hence, a large portion of this blog is dedicated to 'petite girls'. Growing up in the performing arts industry has allowed me to embrace movement and posture. This alone has influenced my photoshoots. I am so grateful for those who have helped me on my journey so far - much love! 

Happy browsing and if you want to get in touch or simply say hi be sure to drop me a message below! 


xx A



Photography: Stef Liu

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